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Client Testimonials


I was introduced to Sandee by friends when I was diagnosed with moderate osteoarthritis in my knees.  The doctors had merely offered pain killers but i was determined that i did not want to start down that road of a life time of popping pills. 

When I met Sandee, she first listened and questioned me closely on my health in general - something no other personal trainer has ever bothered to do.  When we started training together, she started with the basics; we realised quickly how hunched over I had become and that my ankles were rolling in.  Sandy even went through the proper motion for walking up and down stairs.  

It’s that level of care and attention which I loved and appreciated with Sandy.  She taught me it was technique and time to learn.  We went through the weights in the gym very carefully and how properly to use the weights but she also taught me that you don’t need a posh condo gym to keep fit and strong.  We worked out exercises i would be able to do at home once repatratriated back home in the UK and videoed the exercises to help me remember.  


Sessions with Sandee were fun and informative - she is simply put, the best trainer I have ever exercised with.  My knees are so much better and she really helped me understand the value of doing even just a little exercise even when you’re really not in the mood. 

Couldn’t recommend her more strongly - it’s been a privilege to train with her!

Rachael Bewsey


I first met Sandy when I started going to group boxing classes at my local gym. Sandy was very welcoming and accommodating from the beginning which was very important to me. As a paraplegic, I am confined to a wheelchair but have always enjoyed exercise, in particular boxing. I had approached several other able-bodied gyms and trainers looking to join one of their boxing classes, however; their response was always that it would not be suitable for me to participate.

Sandy was open-minded and encouraging, recognising that there shouldn’t be barriers for me to participate in group glasses. She demonstrated flexibility by slightly tweaking things when necessary, and as a result I felt welcome and included.I also started personal training sessions with Sandy to improve my boxing technique and overall fitness. Because of her knowledge and professional boxing experience Sandy has helped me to become a stronger boxer and avoid injuries from using poor technique. Sandy always takes into consideration my physical strengths as well as limitations, tailoring our sessions accordingly to ensure I safely achieve my fitness goals through a variety of different exercises. My personal training sessions with Sandy are the most physically challenging and enjoyable part of my exercise routine. I also know that when I give 100% to my training, Sandy will give me the same in return. Thank you Sandy!

Amy Slater 

I had heard about Sandee at the British Club in Bangkok.  I sent her a simple brief:
“Hi Sandee.  I'm forty, fat and don't want to die.  Can you help?”.

Under Sandee’s guidance – and with over 10 kilograms lost – I now have the foundation to be fit and healthy for the long-term. Sandee has been a great source of motivation and inspiration.


Knowing that she was monitoring my progress has been fantastic discipline. Most importantly, however, Sandy has taught me how to be active. She’s taught me the skills to exercise properly. And she’s given me the knowledge to sustain a healthier life into the future.  Whereas my previous attempts to get fit and lose weight were short-lived, working with Sandy helped me make a sustainable change.
Most of my work with Sandee has been in the gym.  Not having much experience lifting weights or using machines I was a little skeptical. But I quickly learned that it was not only great exercise but a lot fun. Sandy’s focus on proper technique ensured that I got the most out of every workout, but also avoided that killer of any early exercise regime – injury. With Sandee having taught me how to effectively use weights and machines, I can now head to any gym and construct myself a good workout. This is great when I’m on the road and only have access to an unfamiliar hotel workout room.
Several months after starting with Sandee I attended a presentation by Doctors from Bumrungrad Hospital. They said that weight (resistance) workouts were by far the most effective form of exercise, particularly for those of us who have seen a few decades and enjoyed the good life. In fact, Sandee had already told me everything the Doctors repeated about healthy living, metabolic processes and physiology.

Making your health and fitness a priority is ultimately a personal commitment. Nobody else can do it for you. Other people can, however, help. Sandee is one of those people, and amongst the best. She measures her success by the success of her clients. Her commitment is as strong – if not stronger – than your own. She takes a holistic approach, recognising that exercise is crucial but only one part of the equation. Sandee has helped me make an important lifestyle change.  For that I am not only grateful, but deeply indebted.  I’m sure she’s given me a few more years to enjoy with my wife and kids.
Mark Carroll Executive Director Bangkok Thailand


Sandy Remiens was referred to me as a the leading Personal Trainer best suited to assist me in achieving my body shape goals. Miss Remiens was successful in delivering outcomes above and beyond my original expectations.

During this time, Sandy also educated me on how to correct postural conditions, and how to maintain my new found physicality with diet and exercise. Sandy's unique motivational methods and expertise has enriched my life.

Marcus Davey Pharmacist


Never knew that exercising could be so much fun. Sandee is very professional, and being a rehab trainer, she knows how to tailor a fitness program that matches each person's ability and fitness objective. Both my wife & I really look forward to our weekly training sessions with Sandee. She made it so interesting, we even converted a spare bedroom into a home gym!!

Winlock Hsu & Charlene Wang


Training with Sandy I put on a needed 10kg and developed muscles I had never seen before.  I got faster and stronger and even started enjoying the sprint training!


Through a big change in my nutrition and a great combination of weight training and muay thai boxing I increased my fitness and my strength - and my self image!

My self confidence has improved with better posture and bigger biceps and finally I am happy with the way I look and feel about myself.  
Nick Richmond 25yrs

In loving memory of Nick 'Goober' Richmond whose life was cut tragically short in a car accident 25/07/13.
You are missed. Life is too short.
Till we meet again.

Absolute professional! A lifetime of experience at extremely competitive levels, incredible attention to detail, explanations of the science and psychology behind all training and movement aspects are just the basics provided in each session. Where Sandy is infinitely different is that she genuinely cares about you achieve your goals and will motivate and drive you towards them whilst still being incredible patient and actually fun to work with. I would highly recommend anyone of any age or competency to Sandy, whether it be rehabilitation or personal training it’s a guarantee that she will improve you.


Very satisfied client. My results in rehab and fitness were dramatic within the first 6 weeks of training.

Glenn Sim Business Owner


Talk about unlucky, you should see the PT to whom I was sent
Some little female featherweight with a funny accent
From day one I was complimented on my form
Which was big praise from little Storm

But I had a go
Although very slow
I made good progress
Without too much stress

I found out she was famous in the kickboxing world
And when given a chance I gave it a whirl
Pounding the pads and the heavy bag
When I had to go to FF I was sad

She has turned out to be a harder trainer than I thought
And a better PT could not have been sought
When you do well its gorgeous work
It brings on a little smirk

If you are having a real go
Its making good faces you know
Thank you for helping me Sandy
And as a PT you are quite handy

Peter Milburn Former Australian Surf Sports Champion


I am in my 80s and train with Sandy regularly. She is has had a very positive influence on both my physical and mental well-being. I thoroughly recommend her. I admire her knowledge about human movement, her dealing-with-people skills, her empathy and her kindness. I count myself so lucky to have found her. 

Dr Judy McKenzie


"Thanks to Sandy’s training at my “Oldies” gym class at Gasworks HealthWorks, I had the inner confidence to know how to defend myself in a situation where I was potentially at risk.

I was on an isolated bush path where I’d stopped to take a photo of a wildflower. A young male appeared around a corner. Without any preamble, he asked, ‘Are you alone?’ He then said, ‘It’s scary in the bush. Are you scared?” He repeated. I grew up in the bush. I respect it but don’t fear it. (I do, however, have a reasonable fear of human forms of snakes who want to know if I am alone).


Sandy trains our gym group in kick boxing techniques. She had  trained us in how to hit and where to kick. Instantly, I had an inner confidence from my training to know how to defend myself if he attacked me. In my loudest, firmest and strongest 'top dog’ voice, I told him, ‘Keep walking!’ His eyes went to the hand I had in my backpack from when he first appeared. I repeated, “Keep walking!” He walked away.


My defence wasn’t in my backpack. It is in the training from Sandy. I knew that I could punch him hard and where to kick him so it hurt enough to disempower him. This inner confidence of knowing how to defend myself gave me the strength to use my voice to stand up to him. 


With the male still in the vicinity, I armed myself with large pointed rocks in each hand. I walked very slowly to let him get ahead. A bit later, he did come back towards me. He saw the rocks and kept walking. I called after him and told him, again in my strongest "in control voice, ‘Next time, have more wisdom’ He saw I was watching him go, knew I had the rocks in my hands and started running (in over 30 deg heat in the Northern Territory). This was quite funny to me as I am a very crooked thrower. But I do know how to punch and kick, thanks to Sandy’s training.”


Thank you for your training skills, Sandy.

Pamela Dougall

I have found as I get older (70 soon) unless you take regular action your physical condition shrivels away as your muscles are used less and less.

For me its not just using a few muscles

As a Retiree I am time poor so I need someone really good who is a physical enthusiast to

1/ assess my needs and capability

2/ plan group exercise that includes my needs

3/ ensure I follow it correctly

4/ ensure I am physically improving or at least not going backwards

5/ most importantly have fun doing it, so I am mentally compelled to turn up regularly

Sandy looked after me and I believe the group I was in and ticked all my must have requirements.

I would unreservedly recommend her.

Malcolm Gay

OA Class 1b (1).jpg

Sandee has been straightening me out for a few years now! Many years ago, I suffered some neurological problems, which turned out to be Multiple Sclerosis and left me weaker on one side of my body.  I realized that I had to keep exercising or I would have pretty low mobility.

Over the years I had developed ways of coping with my lopsidedness. I thought I was doing OK, throwing out my right leg, holding on to handrails, etc.

Then I started training with Sandee!


Sandee pointed out to me how unbalanced I had allowed myself to become and how that was going to result in problems in the future if I didn’t work on regaining a better balance.  But most importantly, that it was totally possible to regain improved strength and function.
I can feel and see quite a difference and I know what I have to try to carry on with all the time, not just in the gym. With Multiple Sclerosis consistency is important. She’s done such a great job that walking without a limp seems normal - and now she’s found something else that needs working on, just so it doesn’t get boring!
Liz Dobson  Mother, Business Partner, Secretary, Wine Lover, Oscars Addict Bangkok


I have been very active all my life and during my 20 years with the Royal Australian Navy I represented the Navy in Hockey, Tennis, Squash, Badminton Cross-country running, 1,500 m and 5,000 track events. After leaving the navy I continued to be very active and thought I would be one of those people who would still be playing sport well into my 80s.  I am 67 years old and still working running an IT company.
However, prior to last year I had some health scares due to severe AF (Atrial Fibrillation - an electrical problem in the heart that has nothing to do with fitness levels, it's the luck of the draw).  I couldn't exercise without getting a rapid loss in blood pressure (BP).  Even playing golf using a cart to get around I sometime had problems to the extent that I would have to return to  the air conditioned club house and lay down until my BP was back to normal.

 I have had severe AF for about 8 years but was still playing squash 3 times a week until I had a hip replacement 5 years ago, after the hip replacement and being unable to exercise for a few months seemed to make my heart problem worse.  3 years ago I had a 7 hour ablation operation (they burn the surface of your heart to reduce the electrical impulses which cause AF).  The ablation brought my heart back to normal as long as my pulse didn't go over 110 bpm.  When It went over 110 then it would jump to a fluttery 150 followed by a rapid drop in BP, I actually blacked out on a few occasions.  I suspect this was caused by the heart valves getting out of synch with each other.  I lost all confidence in exercising and felt I was going down hill very quickly.  The AF gradually came back even with a low heart beat and I am once again in permanent AF.  At times I had difficulty even walking upstairs.  I was moving like an old man.

My head wasn't in a good space and, fortunately, a good friend, Jack, recognised this and recommended that I see Sandy to do a fitness assessment.  Early last year I took the plunge and started training with Sandy.  Initially I would have to rest between sets of exercises to wait for the heart to settle down.  After about 3 months there was a significant improvement, I could do a full exercise regime without a BP drop.  This year I started playing squash again after not playing for 5 years, and recently won the trophy for my division in the tournament at the British Club.
I find that I can push myself to a much higher level than most people my age and really believe that Sandy's training, guidance and ability to keep me motivated has given me a new lease on life.  I personally feel that I will live well into the 80s whereas prior to working with Sandy I seriously thought I would be lucky to last another year or two.
I keep myself up to date on fitness and training methods and I know Sandy has a superior knowledge and understanding of personal training and I have complete faith in her ability to tailor programs to the individual.

It doesn't matter what physical problems and set backs you have, you can make your life better if you want to put the work in.  I still have severe AF but the training I am doing with Sandy has somehow helped my heart compensate.  I am stronger, fitter and enjoying each day. I no longer walk like an old man and now I don't have any fear when I exercise. I am looking forward to a long and active life. I have a spring in my step again and some of my younger friends even complain about me walking too fast.  Thank you Sandy for giving me my sanity and life back.
Peter Corney Director ACA Thailand

I was referred to Sandy by a friend living in Bangkok. I had my hip replacement surgery on July 3, 2019. I had my first appointment with Sandy on July 10, 2019. She worked with me for three weeks to not only get my body well physically but she helped me get my body well mentally. Even though we are not in the same city/country anymore, Sandy does a great job to follow up with me and make sure I am not falling back to my old habits. I cannot thank Sandy enough!

David Stone Director First Rate


What a challenge we were/are for Sandy! Both of us around 60ish, (one a gym novice), with hearts full of hope for trim bodies, nursing injuries, taking medication for a variety of illnesses,  but a desire to make improvements in our lifestyle. Sandy expressed no shock at the enormity of the challenge that awaited her, and stressed that we needed to set realistic, achievable goals. She is excellent at encouraging us, giving us information and advice, encouraging us to focus on our posture, diet and life beyond the gym.

She believes in the gradualist approach to exercise, and yet she seems to 'know' what we are capable of achieving and she pushes us to strive for an outcome beyond what we perceive we can achieve. She explains the exercises clearly, emphasizing not only their execution but also the reason for the exercise and the expected results.

Sandy understands our age group, our abilities and one of her strengths is her willingness to adjust and adapt exercises for more effective ones. She possesses a wealth of knowledge, is supportive and flexible. Sandy is very approachable, non judgmental and a realist. She creates a relationship with her clients. She takes an interest in our interests, creating specific exercises and she provides links on the internet.
We call her BABS, the Baby Boomers Saviour. She has given us the confidence to set our goals, believe that they are attainable and give us the help to accomplish more than we ever believed we were capable of achieving.
Prof Paul and Tricia Reithmuller

I was nearly 65 when I was introduced to Sandy. I had been an active sportsman all my life, picking up many injuries along the way. Bits and pieces had started falling off but I was determined to keep going, pounding away in the gym whenever I could find time. But I was resigned to an inevitable downward path with one dodgy knee leading to the next, then the hips, then …  a sportsman’s lot! Sandy took one look at me with my bandages and two collapsed biceps, and quietly told me to pull my chin in, hold my shoulders back and gave me my first lecture on the importance of posture and alignment.


She pointed out how I had been subconsciously compensating for all my various injuries and if I didn’t do some remedial work my prophesy could indeed come true … the next knee would go, then the hips, and then It all made sense. My gym routine, which hadn’t changed for 15 years, was not only boring, but was reinforcing my downward path! The last two years have been amazing. I quickly came to understand that muscles actually don’t have a brain and will always take the easiest path… but they can be re-trained.
Sandy is a great motivator, she understands the way people feel and has a wonderful gift for knowing just what they are capable of and how far she can push them. Starting from basics, she carefully explains the reason for every movement, makes sure her instructions are followed precisely … and in no time progress is being made. There is no chance of getting bored as her routines constantly become more and more varied and challenging. Once the basics are sorted out, you move on … and on.
Sandy has completely changed my outlook. I no longer believe that further deterioration is inevitable but expect to get stronger and more flexible. I’m now 70 and still get excited about what we are going to do next. I’m still working on that chin, but the shoulders are back and I am using muscles I never even knew I had. It improves my whole quality of life. I’ve recently even started sprinting and jumping … well sort of!
Jack Dunford Chairman British Club Bangkok

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