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Dare to be better



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Life is too short to get it wrong for too long. When it comes to the machines we call our bodies, most of us feed and care for our cars better than we do the amazing machines we have been given to live in. Your body will serve you well if it is functioning as it should. Its never too late to get back on track and live an active, healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Your mental state depends on it. Dare to be better than yesterday.

Sandee Remiens

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Welcome to BKK Storm Training 


Welcome to BKK Storm Training with Sandee. 
With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry as a Gym Owner, Manager and Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Accredited Rehab Trainer and Physiotherapy/OT Assistant from New Zealand and Australia to the United Arab Emirates to Thailand, Sandee's experience will ensure you start out on the right track towards achieving your results and gain the necessary education in managing your lifestyle. The professional management of your training will keep you motivated and on track and help you avoid all those frustrating wasted hours in the gym doing the wrong things.

Sandee's specialties include helping restore people's functionality, injury management and posture correction, helping her clients stay young, active and healthy and enjoying life.

Living in a body that is functioning optimally should be a priority of everybodys life.


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